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All-in-One ERP software designed to optimise and support your business processes

WinMan ERP Software is a highly scalable and leading class business solution for a broad range of manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, pharmaceutical companies - and the perfect choice for companies implementing a Lean strategy. It is a scalable ERP solution that is configurable and suitable for a broad range of companies. We have a strong focus on continuous improvement and progressive development, to help businesses streamline existing processes, improve productivity and maximise ROI. 

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  • Help customers maximise the potential benefits of the software
  • Work in partnership and strive for excellence throughout the entire customer journey
  • Fully understand each of our customer's business needs and configure the WinMan solution to match
  • Provide high levels of service and on-going support
  • Build strong and long-lasting relationships by working in collaboration with customers, suppliers, business partners and employees.

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WinMan ERP Software

From production management, stock control to CRM, WinMan ERP is a scalable and flexible all-in-one solution. It can become your core business management system and help you achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

WinMan Go

Our WinMan Go app is a unique addition to the WinMan ERP solution. It is flexible and allows you to extend beyond the power of your desktop, anywhere, anytime.

By having a better understanding of how much stock we have at each point in the production process you have the confidence to hold less of it. You know exactly what is going out and you can see exactly how much you’ve got – not just around you on site, but also off at your subcontractors and in transit. We have recently been able to knock down our inventory by a couple of hundred thousand pounds.

- Lander Automotive -

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